M5 Magcharger LED upgrade


250 lumen, 1 mode and variabel focus

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This M5 LED module is suitable for all Magchargers that originally didn’t have an LED. This is our only LED upgrade that still enables you to focus the beam.


  • 250 lumen light output
  • Up to 16 hours of runtime
  • Smooth reflector with focus possibility and a max range of about 400m
  • 1-mode (also suited for Magchargers with new 3 mode switch)
Magcharger Lumens Bright Dim Total (hours)
Original 240 1,5 1 2,5
M5 (100%) 250 15 1 16
M5 (50%) ~125 30 1 31

Maglite shows on their website the runtime and brightness of their standard flashlights. In order to compare the LEDs with respect to the original lamps, a number of measurements were done. Here the MagCharger is equipped with a new fully charged 3.5 Ah battery and old type switch. To get a more realistic measurement the lights were turned on and off every 15 minutes. The hours above were measured with a timer and were rounded to the nearest half hour. The transition of bright to noticeable weaker is objective, each person may therefore experience this differently. Please note that each measurement depends on the status, age and capacity of the batteries. The data is mainly intended to give a indication and to make the comparison with the original bulbs easier.

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Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm

With reflector, Without reflector


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