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6000mAh 7,4V Li-Ion battery for Magcharger and Maglite 3D

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Replace your old 2,2Ah, 2,5Ah NiCa or 3,5Ah NiMh battery for a brand new 6Ah Li-ion battery.
Because of the higher 7.4 voltage and higher capacity, there is two time more energy in these batteries. Also li-ion has less memory effects.

The size is exactly the same as the older type for the Magcharger or the 3 D-cell batteries of the Maglite 3D.

You can choose for just the battery or have a charger included. There are 2 charger options. The first one is a separate chip that you need to solder to your Magcharger cradle (see the video below). The second option is a stand alone charger. For this option you need to remove the battery from the flashlight every time you want to charge it. The good thing is that no soldering is needed and it also works for a 3D Maglite with led-upgrade.

Do you really want the cradle upgrade version but you can’t or don’t want to solder yourself? You can also sent your cradle with adapter to us so we can do the conversion for you. If you also sent your flashlight and order a LED upgrade we will install that for you as well!

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Battery, Battery with Cradle chip (diy), Battery with Cradle chip (pre-assembled), Battery with separate EU charger, Battery with separate US charger, Battery with separate UK charger, Only cradle chip


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